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We are here to help public agencies to lead their communities towards a safe, secure, resilient, affordable, and sustainable clean energy future.  Here are a few resources to help get you started.


Featured Resource: 
SoCalREN Guidebooks

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Resources and updates from the SoCalREN Public Agency Programs, including project success stories, upcoming events, service highlights, and more.

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July and earlier:

Archive of all SoCalREN email campaigns

Helpful downloadable fact sheets about all SoCalREN Public Agency Programs services.

woman cheering

SoCalREN Cash Incentives Fact Sheet

Apply for SoCalREN cash incentives for your energy efficiency project.

Two people in the office discussing and looking over a computer.

Owner's Rep Fact Sheet

Get the most out of your Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESCO) with help from SoCalREN’s Owner’s Representative expert, at no cost to your agency! 

stock image of building

ENERGY STAR Certification 2024 Fact Sheet

Learn about all the benefits of ENERGY STAR certification and criteria for ENERGY STAR certification support by SoCalREN. 

Four colleagues are having a meeting will handing each other office documents.

Government Code 4217

Government Code (GC) 4217 allows public agencies to enter into construction contracts to increase energy efficiency at public buildings without a formal bid process, provided that the anticipated cost for the proposed energy efficiency upgrades is less than the anticipated energy cost savings.

Picture of a white heat pump water heater in a grey room

Heat Pump Water Heater Fact Sheet

Learn how to get heat pump water heaters for your facilities through the SoCalREN!

Picture of classroom hallway with bright ceiling lights reflecting on the floor

Lighting and Controls Fact Sheet

Get SoCalREN cash incentives for LED lighting and control upgrades at your facilities!

Resilient Community

Public Agency Programs Fact Sheet

SoCalREN Public Agency Programs offer a full suite of services to help your public agency complete energy efficiency projects. 


Energy Efficiency Project Fact Sheet

SoCalREN Project Managers will help ensure the success of your energy efficiency project from enrollment to project completion.

SCE Smart Meter

Metered Savings Support Fact Sheet

Your agency can unlock energy efficiency project services using a normalized metered energy consumption (NMEC) approach.

Revolving Savings Fund Fact Sheet

Revolving Savings Fund Fact Sheet

Need upfront funding for your project? Take advantage of our Revolving Savings Fund Program, which offers bridge financing at 0% interest.

Data Reports

Portfolio Energy Analysis Fact Sheet

Agencies can request customized energy data reports to provide helpful insights on agency-wide energy consumption.


AB 841 CalSHAPE Program Overview Fact Sheet

An overview of the CalSHAPE Program and how SoCalREN Public Agency Programs can help school districts access grant funding.

More than 150 agencies throughout Southern California are reaping the benefits of participation in SoCalREN Public Agency Programs. Read about the success several enrolled agencies have enjoyed in the downloadable case studies below.

PDF thumbnail

City of Claremont

When Claremont established energy reduction targets in their City Sustainability Plan, SoCalREN provided them the tools and experience they needed to get the job done.

PDF thumbnail

City of Culver City

As one of SoCalREN’s first enrolled agencies, Culver City has shown consistent leadership and commitment to energy efficiency through a variety of lighting and mechanical projects.

PDF thumbnail

City of Santa Monica

Santa Monica has long championed innovative sustainable leadership, adopting aggressive goals for reducing energy and water resource consumption and increasing efficiency, as well as increasing citywide use of renewable energy and alternative fuels. Since the City’s enrollment in the SoCalREN in 2013, the Program has worked with the City to support their aggressive energy reduction goals through multiple energy efficiency projects.

PDF thumbnail

City of Long Beach

The City’s partnership with SoCalREN has helped them move toward energy efficient solutions that are resilient and ultimately better for the health of its economy and residents.

PDF thumbnail

City of Palmdale

Energy efficiency projects completed in partnership with SoCalREN have benefited the city through annual energy cost savings, improved outdoor environment and health, and increased safety.

PDF thumbnail

City of Santa Barbara

Since enrolling in 2014, the City has gained expertise and sophistication in energy efficiency, increasing the number and complexity of projects over time.

PDF thumbnail

Conejo Valley Unified School District

Since enrolling in 2013, CVUSD has worked alongside SoCalREN to identify and implement several energy efficiency projects.

PDF thumbnail

Cucamonga Valley Water District

Cucamonga Valley Water District (CVWD) has achieved significant energy savings through several projects since enrolling in 2014.

City Hall of Culver City

Culver City Energy Management Systems

Installing an energy management system (EMS) saved the city both time and money at five of its key facilities.

Cardiff Parking Lot

City of Culver City

Culver City completes another energy efficiency project to improve their widely used Cardiff Parking Structure in their popular downtown area.

Centro maravilla service center

Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County completes energy efficient upgrades to their community service centers to benefit the community and save energy.

ventura school

Ventura Unified School District

Ventura Unified completes interior lighting upgrades at 14 elementary and middle schools.

Carson Community Center

City of Carson

Carson replaces their commercial water boilers at their Community Center for an energy win. 

Picture of a road with fields on both sides in the City of Santa Paula

City of Santa Paula

With SoCalREN’s no-cost support, the City of Santa Paula recently completed a large energy efficiency and solar feasibility assessment.

battery storage

El Monte Union High School District

El Monte Union High School District completes energy resiliency upgrades at five facilities. 

Picture of the City of Santa Monica's parking structure.

City of Santa Monica

City of Santa Monica completes lighting retrofits in four of its parking garages using SoCalREN's Metered Savings Program.

Aerial view of Corona City hall.

City of Corona

City of Corona upgrades its City Hall interior lighting, resulting to energy savings of $200,000 in the next ten years.

Aerial view of El Toro Water District facility

El Toro Water District

El Toro Water District identifies major energy saving opportunities in four of its facilities with SoCalREN.

Picture of indoor boiler condenser

Los Angeles County

LA County completes an energy upgrade in their South Central District Office. 

Picture of wastewater treatment facility.

Coachella Valley Water District

Coachella Valley Water District receives an incentive of over  $36,000 to optimize their wastewater treatment system.

Aerial view of community park

City of Palmdale

City of Palmdale receives three platinum awards, the highest distinction of the Beacon program for their energy efficiency and sustainability efforts.

Interior of Palomares Park Community Center

City of Pomona

Securing incentives and a 0% interest loan for The City of Pomona’s Palomares Park Community Center

A picture of a snowy mountain landscape

Hilton Creek Community Services District

SoCalREN helped the agency decide on a procurement method that suited the agency’s unique limitations from being in a remote area and having a small staff with limited capital procurement experience.

Signage of the word "Tulare" on top of a building

City of Tulare

SoCalREN helped the agency complete two major pump overhauls for Tulare’s water distribution facilities

Before and after pictures of a heat pump water heater installation. Before picture shows an older heat pump water heater unit while the After picture shows a newer and improved unit that is energy efficient.

Heat Pump Water Heater Installations Across Multiple Agencies

Multiple agencies leveraged SoCalREN’s expertise to install close to 90 heat pump water heaters across their facilities.

Picture of the front of San Marcos High School

Santa Barbara Unified School District

SoCalREN supported SBUSD upgrade 13 water heaters for various building types across schools in the district. 

External Resources

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