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Homeowner and Renter Resources

A wide variety of resources and energy efficiency programs are available for homeowners interested in making energy efficiency updates or simply understanding more about how to incorporate energy efficiency into their daily life at home.

Energy Assistance Programs

Energy Upgrade California®

Energy Upgrade California is a statewide initiative committed to uniting Californians to strive toward reaching the state's energy goals. Learn more about Energy Upgrade California and how you can Do Your Thing to better manage your energy use for the future of California.

Utility Company Rebate Programs

From clothes washers and air conditioning systems to water heating equipment and cool roofs, area utility companies are helping customers save energy, water, and money through energy efficiency rebate and incentive programs. Visit the links below to learn about additional rebates and incentives that may also be available from local electric, water, and natural gas providers.


Homeowners interested in making energy and water efficiency improvements may be eligible for attractive financing options through local and statewide energy efficiency financing programs.

Go Green Financing

 Learn more about the State of California's GoGreen Home Energy Financing program and other financing options through the GoGreen Financing website.

Other Resources

Learn more about saving energy at home through these helpful resources: