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Property Owners

Multifamily Program Information

The SoCalREN Multifamily Program provides two ways to help you upgrade your property:

  • Technical Assistance: An energy and green building consultant will work with you to identify cost-effective upgrade measures for your project and connect you to applicable incentive programs.
  • Incentives: Improvement incentives help offset the cost of purchasing and installing energy conservation measures, such as upgrades to lighting, water heating, and HVAC systems.

When paired with innovative PACE financing, you can eliminate the up-front costs of improvements, make smart upgrades, and begin enjoying the benefits immediately. Opportunities for improvements can range from a system replacement to a full rehabilitation. The program design is based on analysis of how your property uses energy as a whole, and encourages full building, integrated upgrades rather than individual measures.

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How It Works

The Multifamily Program is designed to save you money and add value to your property. The simple process will make it easy for you to save time and minimize your administrative burden.

  • Access consulting: An energy and green building consultant will work with you to identify cost-effective upgrade measures and connect you to incentive programs.
  • Get an assessment: Identify the most cost-effective improvements with an energy audit.
  • Make improvements: Purchase and install energy conservation measures.
  • Receive rebates: Significant incentives and rebates help offset your costs (details below).

Why Upgrade Now?

  • Making your property more energy efficient can result in significant utility bill savings.
  • Today’s efficient systems and durable building materials reduce operating costs and require less maintenance.
  • A more comfortable, green building can differentiate your property from less efficient properties and help you attract new tenants.
  • Financing and incentive options make upgrades more affordable. For affordable housing properties, energy upgrades can unlock additional financing and funding opportunities.

Summary of Program Offering

  • Improvement Incentive based on improved energy efficiency: Varies - up to $1,200 per unit


A multifamily project must meet the following eligibility criteria in order to participate in the program:

  • Property is served by both Southern California Edison and SoCalGas®
  • Building contains a minimum of three units
  • Project must include at least three energy efficiency measures
  • Project must work with an approved program Rater (click here to find a Program Rater)
  • Project must achieve a minimum 12% energy improvement
  • Improvement must be completed by December 31, 2019