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Program Overview

Kits for Kids Program Overview

The SoCalREN Kits for Kids Program introduces third and fourth-grade students from participating schools to energy efficiency and how it can help their families save money and improve their comfort and safety at home. Students perform an interactive scavenger hunt and receive energy-efficient items at no cost that can help their families save energy and money.

Participation includes each household installing the energy-efficient items from the kit in their home. Each enrolled classroom is eligible to receive a $1,000 grant if 65% if students install the energy-efficient items and provide proof of installation.

Program Process  

  • Students take kits home with energy-efficient items, installation instructions, and educational activities
  • Students complete at-home activity with parent/guardian. 
  • Families install measures around their home
  • Households receive energy savings. 
  • Classrooms receive a $1,000 grant after teachers report installation


  • Students must be in third and fourth grade.
  • Households where measures are installed must be within SoCalREN service area. 


  • Educate students, teachers, and parents/guardians about the importance of EE initiatives. 
  • Energy savings through the installation of measures. 
  • Provide financial relief to families through both energy savings and no-cost measures provided in each kit. 
  • Increase climate action within residential communities. 
    • Provide grant support to classrooms who meet the participation goal. 

What’s in Your Kit 

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