Contractor Program Resources

Contractor Program Resources

SoCalREN drives energy savings through the development and implementation of local energy sustainability programs that provide local governments with technical assistance, financing, and expertise to execute efficiency retrofit projects.

WE&T Program Services for Contractors

  • Independent business assessment: Contractor meets with a Technical Assistance Specialist for a virtual one-on-one overview to discuss their company and goals.
  • Unique coaching plan: Based on the independent business assessment, the Technical Assistance Specialist will develop a coaching plan to assist contractors with navigating SoCalREN opportunities.
  • Select the right path: Based on qualifications, contractors will have the opportunity to select a public sector or residential path or other avenues within the energy-efficiency construction sector.
  • Specialized training: Contractors will receive personalized training in line with the coaching plan developed by the Technical Assistance Specialist.
  • Bid document review and support: Contractor works with a Technical Assistance Specialist during the bid process to review for accuracy and compliance.

The SoCalREN WE&T Program provides training, tools, and opportunities for minority participants in Disadvantaged Communities to pursue careers in energy efficiency. Contractors who elect to participate in the WE&T Program can expect to participate in the five general steps: Enrollment, Training, Coaching, Bid Support, and Project Support.

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