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Energy Efficiency Services

We believe in the power of public agencies to lead their communities towards a safe, secure, resilient, affordable, and sustainable clean energy future.

We take a comprehensive, customized approach to support the unique needs of public agencies. We offer an objective, third party resource for enrolled agencies at no cost. SoCalREN’s services are here to help you save energy and lead your community on the pathway to zero net energy and greater sustainability.

The SoCalREN Experience

Public agencies enrolled in SoCalREN Public Agency Programs have a dedicated SoCalREN Project Manager to help them identify and complete energy efficiency projects. Below is the typical life cycle of completing an energy efficiency project with SoCalREN. 


To access SoCalREN services, agencies participate in a kickoff meeting and sign an enrollment form. During enrollment, SoCalREN will assess your agency’s support needs and create a plan specific to your agency. To get started, visit


SoCalREN will analyze your agency’s energy use portfolio to help you identify the right energy efficiency projects for your agency.

Evaluation & Audit

SoCalREN will look into specific energy efficiency measures for your agency. Our technical consultants will help conduct in-person site audits and they will make recommendations about energy efficiency measures to be installed. SoCalREN will also help your agency weigh different funding and financing options for your project.


SoCalREN will help you define your project scope and procurement pathway. We will also provide resources to help you communicate with decision-makers at your agency about the project.


Construction will kick off on your energy efficiency project. SoCalREN will closely follow the construction progress through completion.


After construction close-out, SoCalREN will support you with reporting your energy efficiency project success, including preparing installation reports and case studies. We make sure that all the necessary documentation is submitted to secure incentives, if applicable to your project.

Read more about some of our exclusive SoCalREN public agency services

Project Delivery Program

Core Services for Public Agencies

SoCalREN guides public agencies from start to finish through energy efficiency projects. Services include audit and technical services, financing support, simplified procurement, and incentive application support.

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Metered Savings Program

Metered Energy Savings Support

A way to access SoCalREN’s support services, using normalized metered energy consumption (NMEC) to measure energy savings at the meter.

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Revolving Savings Program

Revolving Savings Fund

Provides short-term up-front construction financing for small to midsize projects at 0% interest. Can be used to bridge the delay between construction and On-Bill Financing (OBF) or other sources of funds not immediately available.

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SoCalREN Cash Incentives

Apply for energy efficiency project incentives today! SoCalREN offers fast-tracked incentive processing to help your agency save money on energy projects, fast.

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