The Regional Energy Project and Climate/Energy Planning Program

The Regional Energy Project and Climate/Energy Planning Program

The SoCalREN’s Regional Energy Project and Climate/Energy Planning Program began in 2013 as a collaborative effort to collect information on building energy consumption. Following two years of data input, the SoCalREN supported UCLA in the development and launch of the Los Angeles Energy Atlas, an innovative website to measure energy use down to the neighborhood level. The Energy Atlas cross-links with parcel data, census information, Los Angeles County rooftop solar potential data, CalEnviroScreen 2.0, and other relevant data sources to create energy profiles that support energy efficiency strategies, performance, analysis, and reporting.

Explore the Energy Atlas

The Energy Atlas tracks approximately 35 million accounts, plus:

  • Individual cities, districts, and offices
  • Regional Assembly and Senate offices
  • Private-sector consultants
  • Academic institutions
  • State agencies such as the Strategic Growth Council and the California Energy Commission
  • The Governor’s Office of Planning and Research
  • Councils of Governments
  • Transportation and congestion management districts
  • Air Quality Management District
  • Non-profit institutions

The tool displays building energy consumption data from across much of Southern California from 2006 to 2014. Efforts are in progress to update and standardize reporting across the full-service territory through 2015 with a future vision to capture statewide data.

The Energy Atlas enables decision makers and stakeholders to view energy consumption and conservation strategies, and furthers research spanning utility grid vulnerabilities, questions of energy efficiency, and advanced energy communities. The SoCalREN is developing a broader 2.0 data field repository to project and assess impacts of geographic and land development profiles, electrification, and energy efficiency resiliency planning.

Visit the Los Angeles Energy Atlas to experience the tool and learn more.