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Using Water Process Optimization to Save

Using Wastewater Optimization to Save Energy 

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Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD) was established in 1918 to protect and conserve water resources. Today, the District serves over 113,000 homes and businesses across 1,000 square miles of its service area within the Coachella Valley in Riverside County, California. 

By meeting their community’s water-related needs, CVWD has helped Coachella Valley become a vibrant hub for families and seasonal visitors. CVWD serves as a multifaceted agency that offers various services:


Coachella Valley Water District continually seeks to optimize its wastewater treatment system to operate efficiently. The District’s Water Reclamation Plant (WRP-10) provides wastewater collection services for the businesses and residents in the Palm Desert area and has provided non-potable recycled water to several golf courses, homeowners associations (HOAs), and a high-school for decades.

Designed to speed up the natural process of filtering treated wastewater effluent, wastewater treatment facilities are vital resources that meet the water needs of local communities and keep water resources and the environment safe. By collaborating with SoCalREN, the District completed ammonia based aeration controls at their WRP-10 facility, using ammonia analyzers to prevent ammonia breakthroughs and increase staff’s control of their treatment process and ammonia effluent* levels. This measure also helped reduce dissolved oxygen levels by 36% in the aeration basins, which means aeration blowers can operate more efficiently to meet treatment operational requirements and save energy costs.

*Ammonia is a key component of the nitrogen cycle in streams. At high concentrations, it can be toxic to aquatic organisms. Ammonia effluent is a liquid waste product discharged into a natural body of water. 

Check out these impressive savings associated with the facility upgrade!

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On top of the lifetime savings achieved, CVWD leveraged SoCalREN’s no cost support services and expertise to receive an incentive from Southern California Edison’s Water Infrastructure and System Efficiency (WISE™) program amounting to $36,318 to help fund this project.

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WRP-10 Chief Operator, Jose Pat Medina, was integral to achieving this project, using SoCalREN as an extension of his staff and putting his trust in our engineering analysis and project management. 

Read what one of Jose’s team members has to say about working with SoCalREN!


We’re honored to support Coachella Valley Water District's mission to provide its customers with high-quality water services at a reasonable cost. We look forward to witnessing their progress and efforts in future projects with SoCalREN! 

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