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Use Software to Streamline Solar System Permitting with SB 379!

Use Software to Streamline Solar System Permitting with SB 379!  

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What is Senate Bill 379?

Senate Bill 379 was signed into law in September 2022, requiring most California cities and counties to implement an online, automated permitting platform, such as SolarAPP+, to verify code compliance and issue permits in real time for residential solar energy systems and residential energy storage with solar energy systems. 

What can local leaders do to get ready?

The California Energy Commission (CEC) is currently developing guidelines under CB 379 that will include information about reporting requirements. Upcoming public workshops will occur to solicit input on the proposed draft guidelines.

CEC staff encourages the attendance and participation of jurisdictions as all feedback on the guidelines will be considered. An announcement for the workshop will be posted on the SB 379 webpage and announced through their email list.

Are there funding opportunities available?

Funding is available through the California Automated Permit Processing (CalAPP) Program to assist cities and counties in implementing an online, automated solar permitting platform. In most cases, most of the funding will be used to reimburse staff or consultant time associated with implementing the software. 

Applications are accepted until May 1, 2023! More information can be found on the CalAPP webapge.