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Three Platinum Beacon Spotlight Awards for the City of Palmdale!

Three Platinum Beacon Spotlight Awards for the City of Palmdale!



The Institute for Local Government’s Beacon Program recognizes the efforts of local governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save energy and adopt policies and programs that promote sustainability. This year, SoCalREN helped the City of Palmdale apply for and receive Platinum Beacon Spotlight Awards in the category of agency natural gas savings, electricity savings, and sustainability best practices.

The City of Palmdale received a Platinum Award, the highest distinction of the Beacon Program. While agencies that demonstrate a minimum of 20% in realized energy savings are eligible for the Beacon Program, the City of Palmdale achieved double the savings minimum, with over 40% for the electricity and natural gas savings award category!




In previous years, the City of Palmdale had completed several lighting projects with the support of SoCalREN. And, in June 2020 the City of Palmdale began its work with SoCalREN Public Agency Programs to upgrade its natural gas pool boilers and pool covers in various recreational facilities. Read on to learn how SoCalREN’s energy efficiency support services enabled the City to meet the energy related elements of the award criteria!




Upgrading natural gas pool boilers to their energy-efficient counterparts can significantly reduce energy use and cost. By replacing pool boilers in several of its parks, the City of Palmdale is estimated to achieve lifetime bill savings of $420,000!

With support from SoCalREN’s financing services, the City of Palmdale secured over $158,000 in zero-interest On-Bill Financing from SoCalGas and qualified to receive over $51,000 through the SoCalGas Energy Efficiency Rebate Program.

Installing pool covers can significantly reduce pool heating costs and evaporation for both indoor and outdoor pools. SoCalREN helped the City of Palmdale secure over $25,000 through the SoCalGas Energy Efficiency Rebate Program to reduce the project’s total capital costs!




Replacing traditional lighting with energy-efficient LEDs has many benefits including reduced maintenance costs, improved comfort and safety, and significant energy savings. The City of Palmdale pursued several interior, park, and street and lighting replacement projects at 15 sites across the city. These sites include recreational parks and centers, city-wide streets, and libraries. Through SoCalREN, the City secured over $2 million of incentives to help reduce lighting upgrade costs!

SoCalREN’s no cost support services and expertise enabled the agency to achieve cumulative gas energy savings of over 78,000 therms and electricity savings of over 7 million kWh each year! That’s equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions savings from driving over a million miles in an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle.



SoCalREN is proud to support the agency’s team, who all showed dedication, focus, and great enthusiasm for completing the projects that contributed to their Beacon Award recognition.




We thank Palmdale for placing their trust in our team and look forward to continuing to partner with the city to upgrade facilities to better serve their community!

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