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Simple Savings: Smart Power Strips

Simple Savings: Smart Power Strips

simple savings

We love our devices. From televisions and computers to video game consoles, smartphones, and tablets; our homes are packed with electronics that help us work, learn, play, and relax. A recent study estimated that in the United States, the average person has nearly eight networked devices!*

But all these products require energy—and many continue to draw power even when they are switched off or in sleep mode. This is known as a vampire load and can account for as much as 10% of your monthly energy bill,** or $200 in yearly energy costs.†

That’s where smart power strips come in. Installing these specialized power strips is an easy way to find simple savings at home and work. Smart power strips have built-in features designed to significantly cut the amount of energy used by your electronics, saving you energy and money in the long run.

Based on your needs, you can choose from several types of smart power strips on the market, each with different methods of preventing energy loss. There are timer power strips that operate based on a preset schedule, remote switch power strips that can be turned on and off remotely, master-controlled power strips that turn on and off based on the status of one master device, and many others.

All smart power strips act just like traditional power strips, enabling you to plug in multiple devices using only one outlet while protecting them from power surges. So, upgrading to smart power strips can be an easy switch and smarter for your wallet at the same time.

*Cisco VNI, 2018.