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Now Available: New Incentives Webinar Recording

new incentives webinar recording

Now Available: New Incentives Webinar Recording

On March 30th, the SoCalREN Public Agency Programs hosted our New SoCalREN Incentive webinar with Program Managers Angela Vaszily and Code Bruder. They discussed how agencies can get started with cash incentive offerings by going over the criteria for project eligibility and the process of securing incentives. The recorded webinar is available in SoCalREN’s Network Toolkit, an online resource page that provides free and useful public agency resources and information. If you have trouble accessing the toolkit, please contact your SoCalREN Project Manager.

Access the Webinar

What makes these incentives unique?
Enrolled public agencies can now unlock long-term energy savings, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and receive cash incentives through SoCalREN’s new offering! Both SoCalREN’s Metered Savings Program and Streamlined Savings Pathway programs offer cash incentives based on how much greenhouse gas emissions are avoided over an energy efficiency project’s lifetime —the more you save, the more we give!

application process and incentives

*Underserved agencies include disadvantaged, rural, and very low-income communities.

Want to get started on the incentive application process? Talk to your SoCalREN Project Manager or fill out our registration form to get started with SoCalREN!