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New 2020 California Lighting Standards

New 2020 California Lighting Standards

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Over the past decade, there’s been a major push to move to energy-efficient lighting across the country. But, now in California, energy-efficient lighting will become the new normal because of the Appliance Efficiency Regulations, or Title 20. The new standards went into effect January 1 and require that most types of general service lamps, better known as Type-A light bulbs, emit a minimum of 45 lumens per watt. Further, Title 20 bans the future sale of all standard incandescent bulbs across the state.

As a result, in California, it’s easier to be more energy efficient and save money on lighting costs. Now’s the perfect opportunity to replace all the outdated bulbs in your home or business with energy-efficient bulbs like LEDs. These bulbs use up to 90% less energy, save nearly $55 in electricity costs over their lifetime, last at least 15 times longer, and come in a range of styles and color temperatures to fit your needs.

SoCalREN can help you get started with a variety of resources and energy efficiency programs available to homeowners, multifamily tenants, businesses, and public agencies. Learn more about how increasing your energy efficiency can help you save!