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Limited time SoCalREN offering! While funds last, we’ll cover up to 100% of your heat pump water heater installation costs.



Limited time SoCalREN offering! While funds last, we’ll cover up to 100% of your heat pump water heater installation costs. 

SoCalREN will cover up to 100% of the eligible project costs* for underserved facilities and up to 80% for all other facilities. 

This offering is only guaranteed for heat pump water heaters installed in 2023 and is on a first-come, first-serve basis. To date, 180 water heaters are spoken for and we expect funds to run out by September. 



Talk to your SoCalREN Project Manager to get a heat pump water heater project started.



What facilities are eligible for SoCalREN’s heat pump water heater offering?

Facilities that meet the following criteria are eligible:

✓ Your facility’s current water heater must exclusively use methane gas (natural gas) as its fuel source.

✓ Your existing water heaters must hold between 30 - 100 gallons of water with an efficiency rating of 0.81 or lower.

✓ Your facility must be serviced by SCE.

✓ You must be enrolled in SoCalREN.

Does this sound like your facility? If so, you may be eligible! Reach out to your SoCalREN Project Manager and they will walk you through the eligibility requirements, answer your questions, and help you get started. 


How does it work?

SoCalREN covers costs and offers project management support. We also provide:

● A trusted contractor list so you can choose your own water heater contractor, and;

● Manufacturer cost and lead time list so you know exact pricing and how long it will take to receive your equipment.



How can we get started?

  1. Email your SoCalREN Project Manager to let them know you’re interested! If you are not already enrolled in SoCalREN, complete our registration form to begin the process of joining SoCalREN. 

  2. Take a photo of the nameplate of the existing water heater and send it to your Project Manager, along with the facility address and a description of how you use the water from your existing system ((i.e. restroom, kitchen, etc.).

  3. Your SoCalREN team will help you take it from there!

* Eligible project costs include heat pump water heater equipment, contractor labor, capping existing gas line with a brass plug, demolishing existing vent, installing water heater electrical hookup, running electrical wire, and electrical panel upgrades. SoCalREN can potentially fund an electrical panel upgrade depending on the scale and financial feasibility of the project.