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LA County’s South Central District Office Energy Upgrade!

LA County's South Central District Office Energy Upgrade! 


Los Angeles County’s Facilities Reinvestment Program (FRP) is an initiative to identify energy efficiency opportunities across the agency’s facilities. With the support of SoCalREN’s services, LA County’s FRP completed an energy efficiency upgrade by replacing the condensing boiler in their South Central District Office! 

This two-story building in Los Angeles, California, is a necessary facility for its community, offering programs such as CalWORKs, CalFresh, General Relief, Medi-Cal, and GROW services to South LA residents. Replacing the South Central District Offices’ existing boiler with a newer and more efficient condensing boiler not only helps improve personal comfort in the building, but will also reduce energy consumption by 10% and provide $10,000 of lifetime savings! This project was also eligible to receive an incentive rebate of $6,000 and an additional kicker for public agencies of $3,000 for a total of $9,000 through SoCalGas’ Energy Efficiency Rebates for Business (EERB) Program. 

Since the project’s identification in 2019, SoCalREN has offered project management expertise to support the boiler replacement.



We’re proud to support LA County’s sustainability goals and deliver energy savings in facilities such as the South Central District Office! 

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