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Energy Efficiency Tips for the Holidays 💡🎄


Energy Efficiency Tips for the Holidays 💡🎄



Are you putting up decorations in your office or at home? Follow these tips to save energy during the holiday season!

Switch to LED string lights for your outdoor and indoor tree decorations! LED string lights are more energy efficient than their incandescent counterparts. Various colors, such as "warm-white" LEDs, bring that old-time holiday glow at a lower cost. 

Set a timer for your festive lights to help you save money and electricity! Who needs the lights on all night anyway? 

Use a power strip to save time turning your decorations on and off all at once! 

Decorate without electricity! Reflective ornaments and mirrors can shine as bright as lightbulbs. Be crafty with family and friends to make beautiful homemade holiday decorations.

Turn down your heat while hosting and encourage guests to wear festive sweaters to the party to be extra energy efficient! 

Encourage guests to carpool to save energy (and driveway space)!