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Energy Efficiency at the Office!

Energy Efficiency at the Office!



It’s that time of the year again! We listed a few ways you and your colleagues can start adopting energy hacks this Energy Efficiency Month!

Go around the room and ask, "How can we do better?"

Whether through your organization’s messaging system or an anonymous survey, you can start by asking your colleagues how your office can reduce energy use. Getting each person's input is a great way to receive valuable suggestions since everyone has a different role and experience at work. These answers can help you evaluate which solutions will create the most significant impact when implemented.

Have fun incentivizing smarter energy use

Maybe you realize your teammates could do a better job:

  • Switching off monitors during breaks and lunch;
  • Turning off the lights in unused rooms;
  • Unplugging communal equipment at the end of the day.

Challenge your team to a fun exercise to get them active and informed about better office habits! Starting with an Energy Efficiency bingo or scavenger hunt is fun to get your team onboard and reduce energy use.

Form a sustainability team

Do you have colleagues who are enthusiastic about applying green practices in the office? This might be a good sign to start a team that can drive sustainability practices within your organization. By establishing this unit, you get the right ones to do the job and can get your whole office excited about practicing environmentally friendly habits!

Organize an office Energy Efficiency Month campaign

Organizing an office-wide Energy Efficiency Month campaign can be an excellent opportunity to increase team morale! Set a deadline and agree on a team-wide goal your office is excited to accomplish! Here are a few ideas:

  • Set up a rechargeable battery station in the office to decrease disposable battery use
  • Share an energy efficiency hack in your agency’s internal messaging tool
  • Maintain indoor temperatures between 68-70 for the next month

Achieving a goal together is always a great feeling!

Maximize natural light in indoor spaces

Using natural light in indoor spaces not only decreases energy use but also produces several health benefits! Reduced eye strain, improved mood, and less drowsiness are just a few. If access to natural light is limited, consider incorporating lighting strategies with LED fixtures to reap the benefits of natural light.

Consider upgrading to LED lights

LEDs have a greater lifetime than their incandescent and halogen counterparts. LED life expectancy ranges from 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which is significantly longer than less efficient lights that last 2,000 to 4,000 hours. Although the cost can be a little bigger upfront, investing in LEDs reduces costs in the longer term since bulbs are replaced less frequently.

Set the stage for the perfect indoor temperature

Regularly service air conditioning systems, furnaces, and heat pumps to ensure they work correctly. Use weather stripping and caulking to minimize heat loss from windows and doors. To ensure that your thermostat performs at its best, install it away from any heating or cooling appliances or areas that receive direct sunlight or drafts. These tips can help maintain indoor office temperatures between 68 to 78 degrees, which is a great way to balance comfort and energy efficiency.

Look for ENERGY STAR labels when buying devices

Choosing ENERGY STAR labels ensures that the device you purchase is a certified product backed by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency. ENERGY STAR labels let consumers know that a specific product has passed specifications to reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from a more energy efficient product.