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The City of Walnut is Cutting Costs with SoCalREN’s Cash Incentives


The City of Walnut is Cutting Costs with SoCalREN's Cash Incentives




SoCalREN Public Agency Programs offer incentives to help enrolled agencies bring energy efficiency projects within financial reach. Eligible equipment includes HVAC, HVAC controls, interior lighting, exterior lighting, retro-commissioning, building envelope, heat pumps, water pumping, water/wastewater process optimization, and more!

Who’s used these incentives?

Thirty agencies are working with SoCalREN now to complete projects with our incentives! The City of Walnut, a small city in eastern Los Angeles County, is working on lighting and heat pump projects, made possible by SoCalREN incentives.




By utilizing SoCalREN’s no cost support and cash incentives, the City of Walnut will receive a number of benefits from its lighting and heat pump projects:




Many SoCalREN public agencies are using our cash savings to minimize costs and save energy--why not you? Your SoCalREN Project Manager can help you find a project that works for you to achieve similar benefits.

What types of projects are eligible?




Many of these measures are easy for your agency’s facility or maintenance staff to install. Any procurement/installation method is eligible!  

Interested? Ask your SoCalREN Project Manager to walk you through eligible energy efficiency upgrades to get started. Don’t have a SoCalREN Project Manager yet? No worries! Fill out the registration form at to get started.