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City Hall upgrades will save the City of Corona $36,000 each year

City Hall upgrades will save the City of Corona $36,000 each year 




Let’s celebrate the City of Corona for completing interior lighting replacements and lighting control installations in their City Hall! Since the project’s identification in 2018, the SoCalREN team worked closely with the City’s Energy Champion, Tracy Martin, whose incredible persistence and support ensured the project’s completion by 2021! With this energy upgrade, Corona’s City Hall will reduce energy consumption by 23% and is estimated to provide total energy cost savings of over $200,000 in the next 10 years.


SoCalREN provided comprehensive project management services that allowed the public agency to skillfully manage increased costs and delays associated with COVID-19 and contractor equipment purchases. The City of Corona leveraged various program services including an audit, contractor coordination support, and installation report submission, which helped the agency overcome multiple project barriers. The City secured an anticipated $78,856 in incentives from Southern California Edison's (SCE) Performance-Based Retrofit Program (PRBP) as a result of incentive application support from SoCalREN. The actual incentive amount paid to the City will be dependent on the savings achieved at the meter when the post-installation measurement and verification are conducted. Congratulations to the City of Corona for expanding energy efficiency in their community! ⚡


Project Details:

  • Energy consumption reduction: 23% reduction in energy usage compared to the facility’s pre-project energy baseline;
  • Measures: interior light retrofits and lighting control sensors;
  • Estimated energy cost savings: $36,000 per year;
  • Estimated useful life: 12 years for LED lights and 8 years for lighting controls;
  • On-Bill energy savings: 464,000 kWh annually
  • Project timeline: May 2018 - December 2021, and;
  • Incentives: $78,856 anticipated to be received through SCE’s PRBP.


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