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Celebrating a Decade of Empowering Sustainable Communities

Celebrating a Decade of Empowering Sustainable Communities 

Originally started as local initiative to drive energy efficiency 10 years ago, SoCalREN has grown to encompass 130 cities, 34 water districts, and 12 other local agencies. Collaborating with diverse partners, we’ve provided a strong foundation for energy efficiency and resiliency throughout the region, and have moved the needle for some of the nation’s most ambitious clean energy goals. 

We’ve delivered a majority of benefits to underserved communities. Our services have helped participants save more than 135,000,000 kWh of energy and create 1,500+ clean energy jobs 


10 Years of Success at a Glance

Energy Equity 

75,000+ households served

1,064 projects completed in underserved communities

$20.3 million in annual energy cost savings

50% Multifamily disadvantaged or hard-to-reach participants

Carbon Reduction

135,443,289 kWh savings

100,000 MTCO2 GHG emissions avoided, equal to taking 21,500 cars off the road

Job Creation

210+ Communities engaged in clean energy industry growth

$193,500+ Paid in internships for participants within the Architecture, Construction, and Engineering Students Pathway Program

190+ Title 1 high school students guided to college

Current Offerings

By bringing a deep community focus with programs and services across public, residential, and workforce education and training (WE&T) sectors, SoCalREN has made strides to improve energy and environmental equity, strengthen the local workforce, and reduce carbon emissions. 

Public Sector Programs offer critical support to over 210 public agencies across the region’s geographically, socially, and economically diverse counties. SoCalREN helps to drive climate action at the local level by assisting these agencies with vital conservation projects amid staffing shortages, budgetary restraints, and other competing priorities. 

The Workforce Education & Training Program focuses on mentoring and supporting diverse contractors and disadvantaged youth in the energy efficiency industry. It provides training and technical assistance to help small and diverse businesses participate in the clean energy economy.

At the residential level, the Kits for Kids Program helps teach elementary school students about the importance of energy efficiency. It provided free energy-saving measures to more than 5,700 households in 2022 alone.

The Multifamily Program helps property owners and managers make energy efficiency improvements to deliver energy savings and improved indoor air quality to residents at no cost. 

All of our programs aim to recognize and address disparities that some communities face in accessing energy efficiency, especially for those who are underserved—low-income households, rural areas, tribal lands, and people with disabilities.

Looking Ahead 

To help forge a pathway to a greener future, SoCalREN has budgeted for more than $580 million to implement energy efficiency services and programs over the next eight years. With plans to expand its current offerings to include the agricultural and commercial sectors, SoCalREN will continue to focus on providing programs and services for underserved communities, creating jobs, and reducing carbon emissions across Southern California. 

Learn More. To get information about ways SoCalREN has worked with residents and communities to build a better California, download the complete 2012–2022 SoCalREN 10-Year Board Report or check out this page dedicated to our 10th Anniversary!