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Bundle Energy Efficiency Incentives with Utility On-Bill Financing (OBF)!

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Are you pursuing energy efficiency upgrades with SoCalREN? Public agencies can now leverage both our incentive offerings and On-Bill Financing (OBF) from SCE and SoCalGas! Check below for eligibility criteria and details:


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OBF is a no-interest, no-fee loan repaid through your monthly energy bill. Repayment rates are based on estimated monthly energy cost savings resulting from the energy efficiency project. Your SoCalREN Project Manager can analyze your project for OBF eligibility and assist you with the application process. We look forward to supporting your agency with comprehensive energy efficiency upgrades!


Get in touch with your SoCalREN Project Manager to see if your site qualifies for OBF, or fill out our registration form to start your clean energy future with SoCalREN!