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BONUS Cash Incentives for Energy Efficiency Projects

Act fast! SoCalREN is offering BONUS cash incentives for energy efficiency projects completed in 2022!

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Calling all SoCalREN public agencies! Complete an energy efficiency project this year and SoCalREN will cover 50% of eligible project costs OR provide 150% of our standard incentive rates (depending on the energy upgrades you choose). Contact your SoCalREN Project Manager TODAY to get the ball rolling on this limited-time offer!

You read that right! For a limited time, SoCalREN is making energy efficiency projects more affordable by ⚡supercharging⚡ its incentives. Any energy efficiency project completed this year is eligible for 50% of eligible project costs covered by SoCalREN or 150% of standard SoCalREN incentive rates.

Not only will completing efficiency projects this year make your agency eligible to receive our ⚡supercharged⚡ incentives, it will help you get ahead of the Title 24 changes starting January 1, 2023. Title 24 will require higher efficiency standards, meaning fewer savings are eligible for incentives. Some measures previously eligible for incentives will now be required by code. Some examples:

  • Heat pump water heaters will be required for school buildings in certain climate zones;
  • LED tubes and high bay lighting will have higher occupancy sensor, daylighting, demand response requirements as well as more stringent controls requirements leading to higher project costs, and;
  • HVAC economizer controls will be required across more systems and no longer eligible for incentives. 

SoCalREN can help you get ahead of these changes and ensure you’re on track to bring your facility equipment up to the new Title 24 standards.

How do I take advantage of this deal?
First things first, you must be an enrolled SoCalREN public agency. If you have not gone through our enrollment process, the first step is to sign up at

For public agencies already enrolled in SoCalREN, all you need to do is contact your SoCalREN Project Manager and let them know you are interested in our ⚡supercharged⚡ incentives. Your SoCalREN project manager can help you determine how to maximize your cash incentives and bring your energy efficiency project within financial reach!

What types of projects are eligible for this deal? 
Equipment eligible for incentives covering 50% of eligible project costs include heat pumps, circulating block heaters, LED tube and high bay lighting, HVAC economizer controls, and more. All these measures are easy for your agency’s facility or maintenance staff to install. Any procurement/installation method is eligible as long as construction is completed this year! Additionally, other measures including HVAC, interior lighting, exterior lighting, retrocommissioning, building envelope, pumping, and process optimization will be eligible for 150% of the standard incentive rate. 

Ask your SoCalREN Project Manager to walk you through eligible energy efficiency upgrades. 

Interested? Reach out to your SoCalREN Project Manager to get started. Don’t have a SoCalREN Project Manager yet? No worries! Fill out the registration form at to get started.