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The Benefits of Air Sealing Your Home

The Benefits of Air Sealing Your Home

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We all like to think we take good care of our homes—and most of us do. However, there are certain types of home maintenance tasks that can easily slip under the radar and cost homeowners hundreds on their annual energy bills. One of the biggest culprits in energy loss is air leaks, which occur where outside air enters and conditioned air escapes your home through cracks and gaps around windows, doors, floors, fireplaces, and other openings.

In addition to increasing your energy costs, air leakage can affect your home’s ventilation and indoor air quality—too much air enters your home on cold, windy days and not enough air enters on warm, still days. Air leaks can even contribute to moisture problems that affect your home’s durability, along with your health.

Because Southern California is susceptible to earthquakes, regular monitoring is essential. New cracks and gaps can form as a result of even mild seismic events.

Thankfully, cost-effective air sealing techniques, like caulking and weather stripping, can reduce the amount of air that leaks into and out of your home. These techniques also lower your heating and cooling costs, while increasing comfort and creating a healthier indoor environment.

Once you identify air leaks around your home, you can seal them yourself using the sealing and insulation guide available from ENERGY STAR®, or you can hire a local contractor. Plus, SoCalREN can connect you to a variety of resources and energy efficiency programs available to homeowners, multifamily tenants, businesses, and public agencies. Learn more about how increasing your energy efficiency can help you save!