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Apply for Expedited Cash Incentives with SoCalREN

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Does your energy efficiency project qualify for expedited incentives? SoCalREN’s Streamlined Savings Pathway program offers expedited cash incentives for a variety of eligible energy efficiency upgrades. The process is even quicker for pre-qualified, select measures.

Some of the more common energy efficiency measures actually have pre-approved energy savings calculations, which helps save time on in-depth engineering calculations while getting your agency’s project installed faster. Your SoCalREN Project Manager can help you identify equipment that’s eligible for cash incentives, then will walk you through our streamlined process so you can get moving quickly and start saving money and energy!


Quick and Easy Process for Common Pre-Approved Measures



Don’t see your project listed above? You may still be eligible for SoCalREN cash incentives. Reach out to your SoCalREN Project Manager for more information or fill out our registration form to get started on your clean energy future with SoCalREN!