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SoCalREN is here to help public agencies achieve long-term energy savings and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. With SoCalREN cash incentives, we are making incentive processing quick and easy, bringing you cost savings faster.

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Quick and easy application process

Incentives are based on energy efficiency project emissions reduction

Underserved agencies receive double the incentives 

SoCalREN offers fast-tracked incentive processing times to get your energy project completed and get your agency saving energy and money, fast. Incentives are based on greenhouse gas savings over the entire life of your energy efficiency upgrades. The more your project cuts greenhouse gasses, the more incentives you will earn!  Any enrolled SoCalREN public agency can participate, but underserved agencies will receive twice the incentive amount! Visit to determine if your agency’s facility is eligible for doubled incentives.

We offer even faster processing times for pre-approved project types!

While almost all project types are eligible, we are offering expedited cash incentives for energy efficiency upgrades that have energy savings calculations pre-approved by the CPUC. This helps us save time on engineering calculations and helps your agency get your project installed faster. These incentives do not require comprehensive pre-approval, so you can get moving fast and start saving money and energy.

Eligible project types:

Interior lighting

  • LED type A, B, and C
  • LED high bay luminaire

Backup generator

  • Circulating block heaters


  • Variable speed screw
  • Economizers
  • VFDs

Service and domestic hot water

  • Heat pump water heater

Check out the full list of qualifying deemed measures here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

  1. Agencies enrolled in SoCalREN Public Agency Programs work with their SoCalREN Project Manager to identify energy efficiency opportunities.*
  2. Once a project is identified, your SoCalREN Project Manager can guide your agency through the entire incentive application process.
  3. Incentives will be delivered to the organization that is paying for the energy-saving projects, not installers or manufacturers.

*If your agency is interested in applying for incentives but is not already enrolled in SoCalREN Public Agency Programs, complete the registration form at

What are your incentive rates? How much can we get?

Depending on which energy upgrades your agency chooses and how much greenhouse gas emissions those upgrades help you to avoid, your incentive amounts may vary (between

$20 - $60 per metric ton of CO2.) SoCalREN incentives are typically equal or greater than those of past utility incentive programs. Check with your Project Manager for more information on incentive calculation methodology. Underserved agencies receive double the incentives per metric ton of CO2

Is my project eligible for SoCalREN’s cash incentive?

Many projects are eligible, but we are prioritizing facilities in underserved areas with multiple energy-saving opportunities. For example, HVAC, interior lighting, exterior lighting, retrocommissioning, building envelope, pumping, and process optimization projects will all be eligible for SoCalREN’s cash incentives. Your SoCalREN Project Manager will help determine if your project is eligible.

To get started, your agency must be enrolled in SoCalREN Public Agency Programs. If you are not already enrolled, reach out at

What if my agency uses lower GHG electricity, such as CPA’s 100% Green Power or SCE’s Green Rate program? Are we still eligible?

Yes! We will use region-wide assumptions for typical hourly carbon emissions to calculate incentive rates. So, your incentive rates will not be affected by participation in any reduced-carbon electricity programs.


Interested? Reach out to your SoCalREN Project Manager to get started on the incentive application process.

Don’t have a SoCalREN Project Manager yet? No worries! Fill out the registration form at to get started.



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