Metered Savings Program

Unlock comprehensive project support and cash incentives

California has an ambitious goal of doubling energy efficiency by 2030. At the same time, public agencies need resources to improve their aging buildings and infrastructure and contribute to statewide efficiency goals. Existing energy efficiency programs require bringing facilities above Title 24 standards, which can deter public agencies from acting due to financial constraints and leave below-code facilities with the largest energy efficiency opportunities “stranded.”

SoCalREN addresses this challenge by providing comprehensive support for any energy efficiency project with 10% or more potential energy savings over their site’s baseline energy usage. SoCalREN uses normalized metered energy consumption (NMEC) to measure energy savings at the meter, unlocking energy efficiency project opportunities that aren’t eligible for traditional incentive programs. This comprehensive approach reduces the complexity of multi-measure projects, allowing for deeper savings with speedier project completion. In addition to these services, SoCalREN also offers cash incentives to bring their energy projects within financial reach.


  • Access SoCalREN’s technical services, including energy savings evaluation, project scoping, financing support, project management, and other resources.
  • Get post-construction data insights. SoCalREN will track energy savings after construction is completed on your energy efficiency project with recurring savings reports.
  • Get SoCalREN cash incentives to boost project financials. SoCalREN offers incentives based on the greenhouse gas emissions reductions from your energy efficiency project. The more your project cuts greenhouse gases, the more incentives you will earn!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it matter that SoCalREN uses using existing conditions as baseline instead of Title 24 standards?

Many existing energy efficiency programs in California require bringing facilities above Title 24 standards and don’t support or incentivize measures for opportunities bringing equipment up to that standard. This lack of services and incentives can deter public agencies from acting due to financial constraints and can leave below-code facilities with the largest energy efficiency opportunities “stranded.” SoCalREN helps fill this gap and support agencies with stranded energy efficiency opportunities by providing technical support and project management services for those projects not covered by other existing programs.

What projects are eligible?

Projects must have a minimum of 10% energy savings potential to be eligible. Facilities serving disadvantaged communities (as defined by CalEnviroscreen 3.0 criteria) will be prioritized for Metered Savings Program services. Some communities in California are disproportionately burdened by, and vulnerable to, multiple sources of pollution. We use the term “disadvantaged community” to refer to these communities, and we identify them using CalEnviroScreen 3.0, a screening tool developed for CalEPA that incorporates a number of indicators based on geographic, socioeconomic, public health, and environmental hazard criteria.

What types of energy efficiency projects can be supported?

The Metered Savings Program determines eligibility based on energy savings potential, not measure type. Therefore it is offered for a variety of project types, including for buildings and non-buildings (e.g. streetlights).

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